Nepali brave and grave people began to bear people began to bear their international duties in 1814 A.D. known as the British Gurkha army. They were serving under the British Empire in Hongkong, Malaysia, Brunel, Singapore and United Kingdom, where they were famous for their loyalty. Gradually, Nepali people expanded their jobbing fields in the Middle-East and other countries. As Nepalese people are committed to their duties and responsibilities, overseas countries have shifted their interest towards Nepalese manpower by recruiting them in different categories. Following are the reasons of growing demand and interest for recruiting Nepalese workers:

  • Nepalese workers are renowned for honesty, hard work, loyality, discipline and commitment towards their duties and responsibilities.
  • Manpower resources in Nepal are plentiful. It has adequate number of manpower having different skills who are ready to serve outside Nepal.
  • Nepalese manpower’s are comparatively more cost effective as their hiring cost is lower as compared to other labor exporting countries.
  • Nepalese worker are accustomed to working even in the most arduous conditions.
  • Nepal is situated very close to the labor importing countries and easily linked by air with almost all the major cities of the world.
  • Government procedures and formalities for Nepalese workers for overseas employment are simple.