It is a pleasure to introduce you the Chandrakamna Manpower Pvt. Ltd. a company with a modest beginning which has now grown dramatically as one of the few pioneers in the industry. From the very beginning, the company’s incorporators aimed into becoming one of the Nepal’s leading Manpower agencies, soliciting only the best and high skilled Nepalese for overseas deployment.

For more than 1 year, Chandrakamna Manpower Pvt. Ltd. has proven its efficiency in deploying only the best personnel abroad. Chandrakamna Manpower Pvt. Ltd. is a placement and consultancy company involved in deploying highly skilled professionals and also the unskilled manpower to the local and overseas companies/ clients. For over 1 year, Chandrakamna Manpower Pvt. Ltd. prides itself as an institution in the industry that has withstood the test of time. We operate in an environment that lives with our credo “quality manpower deployed in time”.

Established in 2016 Chandrakamna Manpower Pvt. Ltd. has received several awards and testimonials from various clients worldwide that continues to use Chandrakamna Manpower Pvt. Ltd. as their recruitment agency in Nepal. Chandrakamna Manpower Pvt. Ltd. has also been cited for its example. Performances by the overseas placement association of Nepal, various worker’s organizations, NGO’s and INGO’s and thousands of well placed Nepalese workers overseas who have acknowledged the vital role of Chandrakamna Manpower Pvt. Ltd. in giving them employment opportunities.

Chandrakamna Manpower Pvt. Ltd. strives to maintain the high standards of recruitment management by adhering to the exacting standards while at the same time exploring new and emerging best practices in the recruitment business to be applied at the work place.

Suraj Mishra