Nepal is small mountainous and landlocked country, with the highest peak Mount Everest in the world. It ia the homeland of the world famous Gurkhas, whose story has been well documented as well as being legendary. Many countries prefer to hire them not because of their comparative cost effectiveness but because they are renewed their hard work dedication, sense of responsibility, loyalty, and discipline. They are used to working under extreme climate condition and the formalities and procedures are relatively simple in employing them. Indeed the perfect choice all round.

Nepal covers an area of 1,47,181 square Kilometers and stretches 145-241 Kilometers north to south and 850 Kilometers West to east. It is located between China (north) and India (east, west & south) with the In the northern hemisphere, Nepal is situated within latitude 260 22′ N to 300 27′ N and of longitude 800 4′ E to 880 12′ E.